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In-House Training

Bring Our Practical And Applied Learning Experience To Your Organisation

Bring Education In-House

We understand sending employees off-site for training can be disruptive to business operations.

SAI Global Assurance Learning's in-house training solutions brings practical and applied training courses direct to your organisation.

Bridge Competence Gaps

A cost-effective solution that fulfills competence gaps and improves employee productivity.

Build On Team Dynamics

Improve information retention through group learning experiences, while minimising disruption to business activities.

Industry Best-Practice

Compare business scenarios with industry best practices through a practical and applied learning approach.

In-House Training Packages

We understand all organisations have different educational requirements.

Our in-house training delivery options are designed to support your unique needs and industry challenges.

Off The Shelf Training

A cost-effective way to deliver training to your staff. Our expert trainers come to you to deliver a shared learning experience.

  • Public course delivered at a location and time of your choice
  • Confidential facilitation of business experiences
  • Expert trainers share industry insight and best practices
  • Internationally recognised units of competency
  • Contextualised Training

    Make our training courses yours by incorporating your policies and procedures, as well as workplace examples.

  • Off-the-shelf course contextualised to your business requirements
  • Incorporate your policies & procedures into the course
  • Update case studies and examples to your experiences
  • Add additional materials to the course handouts
  • Customised Training

    Work with SAI Global’s learning specialists to scope, design, develop and deliver a unique bespoke learning experience.

  • Dedicated team to support your customisation
  • Scope, design, develop and deliver a bespoke learning experience
  • Build units of competency into your course
  • Flexible learning delivery options

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