Feedback from customers may include complaints, positive feedback, requests, enquiries and suggestions for improvement. SAI Global values your feedback in any of these forms, and will use this feedback to ensure that your needs are being met and our practices and services are continually improved upon.

In particular, SAI Global ensures that you have access to a fair and equitable process for dealing with complaints and grievances. The complaints mechanism is an important component of SAI Global’s continual improvement approach, and is aligned with SAI Global’s corporate complaints/grievance policy.

Complaints Panel

  • If the company representative is unable to action the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant, they may ask for the complaint to be referred to the SAI Global Head of Learning (or a nominated management representative).
  • An independent panel consisting of the Operations Manager and a relevant company representative will be convened to review the complaint.
  • The complainant shall be invited to present his/her case to the panel and may be accompanied by one other person as support or as representation if a face-to-face meeting is requested.
  • The panel will make a decision on the complaint based on consultation with the complainant, and that decision will be final.
  • The panel will communicate its decision to all parties in writing within 5 working days of convening and provide records to the SAI Global Manager.

Appeals to Registering Authorities

If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome after lodging a complaint, you have the right to submit the complaint to the relevant regulatory authority and registration body (i.e. the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) through asqaconnect - using the online complaint form

Note: ASQA does not act as an advocate between the complainant and the training provider. Complaints are recorded against the training provider and use this information on decisions if further regulatory action is required against the training provider.

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Complaints Process